Monday, March 26, 2007

Wisdom From Fortune Cookies

I remember when I was a kid I used to shoot basketball in our backyard. I would say to myself, “If I make this shot _________ will happen.” I built the same kind of false hope on things I saw or things that were said when I was trying to get pregnant. Even though I knew it was false hope, I couldn’t help but get excited when I read a fortune that told me I would get something I’ve been wishing for very soon or that there would be a great life change in the near future. Silly, I know. But, when you want something very badly and you’re not getting it, you’ll seek hope and encouragement from anywhere.

Once I was helping with a kids’ play at church and out of the blue a woman came to me afterwards and said, “You’re going to be a great mom!” I took that as a sign that it would happen soon.

I went to have a fertility test where they flush your tubes to make sure there is no blockage to keep the egg from passing. The technician said that many woman he had performed this test on got pregnant the following month! This is it, I thought!

I started going to the chiropractor who told me that the area of my spine that affects my reproductive organs was out of alignment. He adjusted that area and said that many women who have had trouble getting pregnant come back the next month pregnant after an adjustment like that!

People say all kinds of things. You get your hopes up. Eventually you decide not to take it to heart, because it hurts too badly at the end of the month when you find out it wasn’t true.

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Rachel said...

Wait a second, and I'm going to the chiropractor because the area that affects my head is out of alinement! Michelle, why didn't you tell me that's what they all say!