Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Isn't It Romantic?

Everywhere you go people are pushing strollers, laughing heartily as their baby smiles, carrying them close to their hearts and kissing their precious little cheeks. As a young married couple, you can’t help but smile that smile to your spouse that says, “that will be us one day!”

Andy’s younger sister had already had one child, but had just found out she was pregnant again. In the span of about two weeks, we also learned that three other young married couples were going to have babies as well! So, we wondered, why not us? Why don’t we start trying to have a baby? We’ve been married two years, that’s long enough to start a family. Oh, it will be so precious! I can just see myself pregnant and Andy kissing my big belly and all of those cute maternity clothes and me rocking a precious, tiny little baby in the chair that my mom rocked me in…oh, it’s going to be perfect!

Secretly I was excited about the attention that pregnancy and having an infant would bring. Selfish, I know. We decided not to tell anyone we were trying, because we wanted to see their faces when we surprised them with the news.

I thought about this non-stop from the moment we decided to try and get pregnant. I visualized the moment we would tell each individual friend and family member and what his or her face would look like. I came up with the most creative, clever ways to tell Andy when I got a positive result on the home pregnancy test next month and then our family and then our friends. Next month was going to be the happiest moment of our lives up to this point!

I got off birth control and started taking prenatal vitamins right away. I stopped working out because I was afraid it would hurt the baby. I started watching what I ate. I went out and bought tons of cute maternity clothes. I started reading the book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” and a baby name book. I’ve been told I might have twins since my dad’s brother and sister are twins. I’ve always imagined having twin girls, so we picked out the names Emerson and Addison. We planned to call them Emmie & Addie. It was hard not to tell anyone, but the looks on their faces when we told them we were pregnant would be reward enough!

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Rachel said...

So I want to leave a comment to let you know that I visited and was reading but I really don't know what to say... :( I just know it has to be really hard to go through that for so long.