Monday, February 11, 2008

The Blessing of Community

Sunday, February 3rd was an incredible day, not because the Giants upset the Patriots in the Super Bowl, but because it was our first baby shower!  Our church family threw us a co-ed baby shower!  I was so happy to have Andy there to share the experience with, and we had a great turn out.

Before the shower I wondered how the tradition of wedding and baby showers came to be.  When you stop to think about it, it just makes sense.  Purchasing all the supplies necessary for a baby would create an overwhelming financial burden for most people.  But, when a community of people pitch in, what is impossible for one person becomes possible through the community.  The idea is that each member of the community will pitch in for the others at the appropriate time.  What a beautiful picture of an Acts 2 (verses 44-46) community.  This is one thing our society does right.

Then there are those who go above and beyond to send the invitations, make the cake, arrange the food, or decorate.  How can you really thank them?  I could never accurately express my feelings towards those who planned and attended our shower.  And the gifts—each had it’s own personal touch.  It was one of the greatest displays of love and care I can remember.

In the movie “Juno”, the adoptive mom comes home after work one day with some baby supplies she had just purchased.  Juno happened to be there when she came home and saw the pile of things the couple had bought in preparation for the baby.  When she asked why they didn’t have a baby shower, the adoptive mom told her that people don’t really know how to react to an adoptive couple.  She said that people probably wouldn’t give her a baby shower since she’s not pregnant.  Unfortunately, this is reality for a lot of adoptive couples.  The community wants a definite due date before they’ll plan or participate in a baby shower.  They want to be sure the money they spend won’t go to waste. 

Andy and I have found the opposite to be true of our community of friends and family.  We thank God that everyone has been so incredibly supportive and excited for us.  Before we opened our gifts, Andy thanked everyone for not hesitating to give us the baby shower and talked about how other adoptive couples are not supported like we have been.  Many of the people in our community were stunned to know that there are people out there who wouldn’t participate in a baby shower unless they knew when the baby was coming.  That’s the kind of community we’re blessed to be a part of.

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